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Audiobooks bring to life the wonder of storytelling
Authors have control here.
Unique in the market, Findaway Voices is a service where authors and publishers keep complete control over content, pricing, and distribution of their audiobooks.

Trust & Experience
Findaway Voices is a part of Findaway, a trusted innovator in the audiobook industry for more than 15 years and a global leader in digital content delivery across retail, library, and K–12 channels.
Findaway Voices gives authors and publishers everything they need to create professionally-narrated audiobooks and reach listeners through the world's largest audiobook distribution network.
Everyone at Findaway is dedicated to helping authors bring their stories to the ears of listeners.
Mitch Kroll, CEO of Findaway
We believe in trust, freedom, integrity, and choice for authors.
Findaway Voices has been the major driver of growth in the audiobook market for independent and self-published authors since established in 2017. The focus from the beginning has been on opening and strengthening the wide audiobook market for authors so no one retailer controls the market. With marketing tools, control over pricing, distribution to more than 40 retail and library channels, and fair terms for authors, Findaway Voices has given authors an easy way to reach listeners all over the world.
We believe in the audiobooks industry.
Findaway has helped expand the audiobook industry in multiple ways including partnering with Google Play to add audiobooks to Google Play Books, helping new retail partners like Chirp and BingeBooks launch, building its own author-friendly platform in Authors Direct, expanding into new library markets, and creating a partnership with Apple Books that gives authors more control and a better royalty rate than ever before.
Hearing stories is at the heart of our humanity
Our earliest experiences with stories are spoken
Since our ancient ancestors, stories have been passed down from generation to generation through storytelling. Many of us developed a love for stories from listening to our parents or grandparents tell us them from our childhood.

Through writing and the world of literature, stories have been passed down and interpreted for centuries now.

The year-over-year growth and popularity of audiobooks has brought back the power of vocal performance storytelling to the forefront once again.
The Power of Audiobooks
What is it about the human voice that commands our attention?

That cuts through all of the noise, that takes us back to our childhood, and to our ancestry. Motivates and empowers us—calls us home.

The human voice creates a vibration that connects us to one another. A vibration that when applied to the words of a sentiment, speech, or a book makes them all mean so much more.

When used to tell a powerful story, the human voice presents us with the very emotions we all share. Delivered in shifts of pitch and tone, quivers of sadness, outbursts of excitement, and pauses overflowing with meaning.

It's the very reason we can still hear the voices that read to us as children and why a great book read out loud is so much more than printed words on a page.

That's the power of words spoken and heard.

That's the power of audiobooks.
Findaway Voices believes in the power of stories spoken & heard.
Narrated by Will Dages, Head of Findaway Voices