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“We love Findaway Voices and the awesome narrator they recommended. They are super helpful and responsive, and we are really happy we chose to do our own audiobooks through them. We thoroughly recommend them.”

Wilkie & Julia, The Witcherley Book Company

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones
Winner—2019 Independent Audiobook Awards, Fantasy

Take a look inside the audiobook creation process.

How much does it cost to make an audiobook?

The short answer… the average audiobook created with Findaway Voices has about 50,000 words and costs between $1,000 and $2,000. But there are some variables that can help you get a truer estimate for your audiobook.

We've created an estimation tool that makes it simple. Play with the numbers.

Brand logos for our audiobook distribution network.

More ways to produce

Voices Share

Pay 50% of production up front

Share 20% of earned royalties with the narrator

Wide distribution in nearly every country through retail, subscription, library, and K-12 channels

Exclusivity with a buyout option


Full-service audiobook productions from Findaway

Little to no time investment, Audioworks does the heavy lifting

Each production includes casting, script prep & pre-production research, QA & proofing, final mastering, and more

From $450 per finished hour

We find the perfect narrator for you.

With your manuscript in hand, our team sorts through the more than 3,000 professional narrators signed up with Findaway Voices to provide you with a short list of the perfect narrators for your production. It's a free personalized casting list made just for you.

Brand logos for our audiobook distribution network.

Brand logos for our audiobook distribution network.

You get a world-class audiobook. We make sure of it.

With so many productions under our belt, we've gotten really good at creating the highest-quality audiobooks. We've mastered the art of guiding great production notes, getting the best performance out of narrators, and quality checking early audio samples to minimize last minute edits. That leaves you with a finished audiobook your listeners will love, without any unwanted surprises along the way.

Your audiobook is 100% yours.

We are experts in audiobook creation, but Findaway Voices is not an audiobook publisher. When you create your audiobook with Findaway Voices, you keep all of the rights to your work. You won't see our name merged into your metadata, and you can sell your book anywhere you'd like—on your own or through our worldwide audiobook distribution network.

Brand logos for our audiobook distribution network.

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