Findaway Voices
The story of authors going
WIDE with audiobooks
The Headphone Report from Findaway Voices pulls
back the curtain and delivers proprietary data collected
throughout 2021.
WIDE Means More Sales

Findaway Voices enables authors to go WIDE by distributing their books into 42+ retailers and libraries.
It's No Mystery,

Mystery and Thrillers great more than any other genre in 2021.
WIDE Means Growth—
Continuing to Explore in a Global Pandemic

Genre growth is reflected by cultural changes seen all
over the world, the diversity of listeners, the range of authors, and the mix of listening platforms.

Smaller more niche genres saw explosive growth and established popular genres were positively impacted by listening changes during the pandemic.
WIDE Means Global Reach

When you go WIDE and distribute your audiobooks with Findaway Voices, you have the ability to reach listeners around the world, in emerging markets, and in multiple languages.

Top Languages Represented in Catalog

Excluding English
WIDE Means Informed Pricing

There’s some magic to getting the numbers
right. Findaway Voices gives you the data you
need to price your book based on length.

Average cost per book sold.
WIDE Means The Power to React

Authors control their list price and can run limited-time price promotions. Price is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have as an independent author. If you’ve ever asked the question, “What discount should I use to sell more books?” Here’s what other authors are doing.

WIDE Means More Revenue Opportunities
Going WIDE with your audiobook distribution not only enables you to reach more listeners around the world, it also adds new revenue channels to your author business.
Going WIDE works for series. 55% of series as a whole earned more going WIDE than if they went exclusive to Audible*.

27% of authors distributing exclusively with Findaway Voices made at least double what they would have made going exclusive with Audible*.
* Data is reflective of titles solely distributed by Findaway Voices
Now is the time to reach more listeners on more platforms. Go WIDE.