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To whom it may concern,

I have been distributing exclusively with ACX since DATE and I would now like to take my audiobooks from an exclusive distribution agreement to a non-exclusive agreement.

Please transition the following audiobooks, all "Pay for Production," to a non-exclusive status.


Thank you,


Getting more starts with a letter.

Use this form letter to let ACX know which titles you want removed from exclusivity. Send it to Once the titles are non-exclusive, upload them to Findaway Voices.

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More questions and more answers.
These FAQs are here to help you along the way.
What are the benefits of choosing Findaway Voices for distribution?
With Findaway Voices, your audiobook can be sold through more than 40 audiobook retailers, giving you a healthy mix of business models and exposure to different customers and regions of the world. It’s the best way to create a balanced sales strategy while reaching the more listeners. Plus, you get control of your list price and promotions, so you can stay competitive.
Where can my audiobook be sold?
Findaway Voices gives you access to over 40 retail, subscription, and library channels including Apple Books, Audible, Bibliotheca, Chirp, Google Play, hoopla, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Overdrive, Scribd, Storytel, and many others! For the full list, visit our Selling Audiobooks page.
What if I didn’t create my audiobook with Findaway Voices?
It doesn’t matter where you produced your audiobook, you can still upload it through our wide distribution network and get more. If you're recording it yourself, you'll want to review our Technical Audio Specifications. If it's already passed ACX's quality assurance review, you're likely good to go.
How long does it take to make the switch from exclusivity to non-exclusivity with ACX?
The timing can vary, but we’re seeing it take around 60–90 days for ACX to move a book from exclusive to non-exclusive status. Plan accordingly!
How do I promote my audiobook?
When your audiobook is available to retail, library, and international audiences, you have a lot of new opportunities for promotion. We’ve built a guide with some great ideas to help you. Check it out here.
Will I have control of the price of my audiobooks?
For most retailers, you control the list price. Retailers will pay your royalty off the list price you set. See how our new tools can help recommend a list price based on your audiobook's length and genre in this blog post.

You can also set promotional pricing for limited periods of time. Learn more about promotional pricing here.
How will I view my sales?
You can see real-time sales information for many leading audiobook platforms via the preliminary sales dashboard directly in your Findaway Voices account. Official royalty reports are available monthly, and you’re paid within 30 days of when we get paid. Learn more about your royalties here.
What if I still need to create my audiobook?
Start by creating an account with Findaway Voices, starting a new project, and telling us about your book. Findaway Voices is the only service that assigns you a dedicated casting director to help match you with the perfect narrator.

See recommended narrators, price estimates, and hear auditions before you commit to anything.

When you find the right match, we help manage your production from end-to-end, making sure everything goes smoothly.
How do I get started?
Sign up for Findaway Voices here!

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