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What is Findaway Voices?

Findaway Voices is an audiobook production service from Findaway built to empower authors and narrators as they perform their crafts and find a global audience. Through our platform, we help authors find the perfect voice for their audiobook, manage projects through production, and bring the finished audiobook to listeners around the world through our extensive distribution network.

How do I get started?

You can get started by signing up for an account as a narrator. We'll collect all the details we need to get you ready for castings. Once that's done, no need to search for work — we'll start recommending you to authors for projects and will let you know when we are ready for your first audition with Findaway Voices!

How do payments work?

Findaway Voices is built to be fair and flexible for both authors and narrators. Here's how it works:

  • We pay narrators by their PFH (Per Finished Hour) rate, meaning they get paid based on the duration of the final performance. Each production must be delivered fully edited and ready to listen.
  • Narrators set their PFH rate and may change their rate at any time. If an author requests an audition within 7 days of a rate change, we request the narrator either honors the previous rate or declines the project.
  • Findaway Voices pays within 14 days of the final approval of the audio. No need to worry about tracking down the author for payment — Findaway Voices will make sure you get paid.

What do I need to know about working on an audiobook with Findaway Voices?

Here are the biggest benefits of working on Findaway Voices projects:

  • We'll recommend you whenever we think you'd be a great match for an author's book
  • All projects are pay-for-production based on the rates you set. We do not offer royalty share projects that leave narrators hoping the title will sell enough copies to generate a fair payout.
  • Findaway Voices is not a pay-to-play listing service — there is no charge to narrators for being recommended for projects.
  • As an independent contractor working on a per-project basis, narrators are always free to decline any offered project for any reason.
  • Findaway Voices offers peace of mind: all contracts are with us, we will intermediate any concerns with authors, and Findaway guarantees payments upon project completion.