We're offering audiobook distribution bonuses just for NINC 2021 attendees
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Findaway Voices Cash Bonus + WIDE Global Distribution
GO WIDE with all your audiobooks and grab a cash bonus equal to the gap of moving to a non-exclusive royalty rate.

The Details

You are receiving a distribution bonus (light green shown right) in exchange for removing your books and future books from all exclusivity agreements for a term that lasts 5 years. You'll need to provide us the last 12 months of your exclusive royalty reports to calculate your bonus. To receive your bonus you'll need to publish your entire catalog with Findaway Voices and all subsequent new releases during the 5-year term. The bonus application period closes when $250,000 in bonuses are contracted or on October 31, 2021, whichever comes first.
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How It Works
Fill out the form below, we will follow up with an offer and contract
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Accept the distribution agreement in your account
Publish your Audiobooks on Findaway Voices
Receive your Bonus
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First come, first serve, NINC attendees only.
Your Exclusive Audiobook Royalty Reports (max 10 files, combine files offline if necessary or if you can’t combine offline, our team will reach out to collect the last 2)
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By clicking send you agree to our Privacy Policy and understand that this is an application for a bonus and does not guarantee a bonus. Terms and conditions subject to change.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who qualifies for the bonus? Any author attending the NINC 2021 conference with at least one audiobook in an exclusivity contract.
  • What documents do I need to provide Findaway Voices to determine how much my bonus will be? You’ll need your previous 12 months of royalty reports.
  • What about royalty share titles? If you're able to go wide, they may be included in the bonus calculation. If you're not able to get out of your royalty share contract, these titles are excluded from the bonus promotional requirement to bring your entire catalog.
  • Can I bring some of my titles? No. You need to bring your entire catalog and future releases.
  • How long is the term? 5 years