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When your audiobook is exclusive to ACX, you’re missing out on global retail and library opportunities to reach more listeners.

Why switch to WIDE?

Right now someone is searching for your book on Spotify, Apple, Google, Chirp, Kobo, Hoopla, and more. By having your audiobooks exclusive to ACX, you’re missing out on sales and listeners.
Audio lovers can listen to and discover your stories in one app—Spotify. The power of your stories now have the potential to find a brand new audience.
Unlock your audiobook potential
When you distribute your audiobook WIDE you have 40+ options to make your title available for sale across retail and libraries.
How do I switch?
Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive
Your road to WIDE depends on how you are currently distributing audiobooks. If your book has been sold on ACX for more than 90 days*, you’re able to request the book be made non-exclusive. We’ve got a handy request letter for you to copy. When you’re non-exclusive you’re able to switch to publishing WIDE with Findaway Voices.

*Conditions may apply please review your current exclusivity agreement
"By using Findaway, I’ve been able to reach new listeners and avenues that otherwise would have been prohibitive. I’m able to finally be in libraries with my audiobooks which was a huge goal for me.

And thank you, Findaway, for giving us authors a new path for audiobooks and reaching readers."
Author Carrie Ann Ryan
Why Choose Us?
You Want Access to Libraries
Audiobooks are popular with library patrons and book clubs. Tap into a new revenue stream.
Reach untapped library markets right now.
Increase Unit Sales by Going WIDE
Listeners consume audiobooks from a variety of services globally. When you distribute with us, your audiobook is available in nearly every country in the world.
Sell more units for the same amount of work by going wide now.
Royalties on the Price You Set
You keep 80% of all the royalties you earn. Many of our partners pay royalties on the list price you set so you’re able to determine what you’ll make on each sale. Do you really know how much you make on each sale at ACX? ALLi attempts to break it down here.
30% of authors distributing exclusively with Findaway Voices made at least double what they would have made going exclusive with ACX, up from
27% in 2019*
*Source: 2020 Headphone Report Data is reflective of titles solely distributed by Findaway Voices
Check out our features comparison chart to discover the power of WIDE.
Findaway Voices
No upfront cost to upload a project
Offers Royalty Share option on Projects
Total Creative Control
Distributes to Audible, Amazon, and Apple
Available to authors globally
Only for authors in US, Canada, UK, Ireland
Wide Distribution to retailers and libraries - Reach big players like Spotify, Google, Scribd, Kobo, and Chirp
Gets your digital audiobooks into libraries
Choose your own audiobook retail and library list price
No distribution fee on Spotify
Fully-managed audiobook production services
65% of series as a whole earned more going WIDE than if they went exclusive to ACX
*Source: 2020 Headphone Report Data is reflective of titles solely distributed by Findaway Voices