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Options to Create an Audiobook
Creating an audiobook has never been easier
Do it yourself
Find a narrator
Browse Marketplace and find your perfect narrator at no cost and no exclusivity. You want complete control over the entire process and have the extra time.
Learn more
We can assist you through the process
Help me find a narrator
Our talent team will be your sherpa and guide you through the entire process from start to finish including auditioning. Ideal for first-time audiobook creators or those who don't have extra time.
Know your narrator?
I know my narrator
Already have a relationship with your narrator(s)? Have them set-up a narrator profile on Marketplace and begin creating audiobooks together.
Record your own audio
Self narrate
If you plan to narrate your own book and upload the audio files yourself.
More partners, more countries, more sales—go wide.
There are people searching for your book right now. Will they find it? Leverage the power of WIDE distribution for your audiobook by tapping into unreached markets with our 40+ library and retail partners.