Findaway Voices
The best way to sell your audiobook on B&N
When listeners search for your audiobook on Barnes & Noble,
you want to be there.
What you get with Findaway

  • Full Self-Service Platform: With complete control over your dashboard, Findaway makes it easy to upload your audiobook, add metadata, and make price changes.

  • 45% Royalty Rate: Earn a 45% royalty on every audiobook you sell with no exclusivity required.

  • Control Pricing: Set your digital list price. Your royalties are paid on that price, regardless of the sale price.
What you get with B&N Audiobooks

  • Find and Engage New Audiobook Listeners: Drive awareness and discoverability with exclusive marketing opportunities from social media outreach and virtual events to B&N store exposure, online promotions, and email placement.

  • Free Audiobook When You Subscribe: Subscribe to get the first month FREE. Not ready to subscribe? Discover over 300,000 audiobooks available to purchase à la carte.

  • All-in-One App: Enjoy an array of digital content in the newly updated B&N NOOK App. Whether browsing audiobooks, eBooks, manga, comics, or the latest news, the free B&N NOOK app provides endless entertainment.