We broke convention.
And that fixed everything.

You want a choice in how to price and where to sell your audiobooks. And, of course, you don't want to sign your ownership away. That's why we put the power back where it belongs — with you.

  • You own the rights
  • You set the price
  • You control the marketing
  • You manage your distribution strategy
  • You NEVER sign an exclusivity agreement
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The Findaway Voices Difference: Distribution

We're with you all the way.

Have an audiobook?

We have the world's biggest distribution network, reaching retail, library, and K–12 consumers in nearly every country in the world.

Need an audiobook?

The audiobook experts at Findaway Voices will give you personalized narrator recommendations, manage your production, and prepare your audiobook for sale.

Ready to boost sales?

Our audiobook experts will fully support you as you make decisions on pricing, marketing efforts, and more. We even offer real-time sales reporting for select distributors.

Your audiobook will be heard around the world.

We're partnered with the following distributors: Amazon, Apple, Audible, Audiobooks.com, AudioEngine, Baker & Taylor, Blibliotheca 3M, Downpour, EBSCO, eStories, Follett, Hoopla, Hummingbird Digital Media, Mackin, NOOK, ODILLO, OverDrive, Perma-Bound, Playster, Otto, Deezer, and Scribd.

You're not the first to ask.

What is Findaway Voices?

Findaway Voices helps authors and publishers create professionally-narrated audiobooks at the best possible rates. Then, we make those audiobooks available for sale through the world's largest network of audiobook sellers.

Do you require exclusivity?

We believe authors and publishers should have more choice in where they sell their audiobooks. We'll never ask you to sign an exclusivity agreement.

Is Findaway Voices a publisher?

Findaway Voices is not a publisher. We work on behalf of authors and publishers to create high-quality audiobooks while providing distribution through our partner network. We work for you, and you always own the rights to your works.

How much does it cost to create an audiobook?

Narration cost is calculated on a per-finished-hour basis and varies based on book length, narrator selected, and complexity. We recommend a selection of great voice talent at various rates so you can choose the right voice at the right price.

Who sets the price for my audiobook?

With Findaway Voices, authors and publishers set the pricing. We pay royalties based on the price you set for sales through most partners.

What are your royalty rates?

We have more than 20 partners and support nearly 10 unique business models in retail, library, and K–12. Our royalties vary by partner and channel — contact us to learn more about our rates and distributors.