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We help new and established authors reach a global audiobook market fast and our distribution network opens up a healthy, WIDE sales ecosystem with great alternatives to exclusivity.
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Congratulations, you’ve found the best place on the internet to build your audiobook business—and it’s never been easier.

Creating a professional audiobook is easier than you think. Let us connect you with the perfect narrator, manage your production from end-to-end, and prepare your digital audio files so they meet the technical specifications of every audiobook seller in the world.
Access the world's largest network of audiobook sellers, reaching listeners through retail, library, and education distribution channels. Let us help you build a wider network, reach your global audience, and expand your revenue stream.
Keep 80% of the royalties on every sale and grow your author business with promotional opportunities, giveaway codes, sales reporting, and global reach. Plus, with Authors Direct, you're able to sell directly to your fans to maximize your royalties.
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To reach listeners around the world, you can't restrict your sales to a few platforms. Make sure your audiobooks are available everywhere people are searching for them. That's going wide.

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Check out our WIDE global distribution network of 40+ retail and library channels.
We’re shining a light on the bright, brave, and independent voices of authors on our platform. We believe in the power of storytelling and the courage, resilience, and grit required to be an independent author.

These are the stories of successful authors in their own words.
2021 Headphone Report
You’ve heard the audiobook market is growing, but what does that mean for authors? The Headphone Report pulls back the curtain and shows you the growth of the market from the perspective of a platform built for independent authors and publishers.
The Power of Audiobooks
We created our platform to enable every author to share their stories with the world.
Narrated by Will Dages, Head of Findaway Voices